Wrote a post on how I use Caddy and Cloudflare to support multiple projects with proper SSL on my local computer. Works very well.


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A ✅ has appeared in my profile. Hurrah for that. I think we have to realise that the learning curve here is steepish, but rather than be anxious about it, shouldn’t we should celebrate the adventure of slowly finding out something that was puzzling at first? Like your first week at school or in a new office building. We’ll get there and soon laugh at how confused me were at first. I hope!

Excited that Krystal is now sponsoring Mastodon! 😎

Hopefully there will be a Krystal presence on the Fediverse before too long.

Thanks @Gargron for the project.

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it's actually hilarious for the nerds that a ruby on rails app made by a very nice guy who thinks nazis are bullshit is getting better user growth than the php on mysql run by a red pilled malignant narcissist who happens to be world richest stupidest man

This was taken just moments before my 100-400mm Sony GM lens fell out the boot of the car. 🚙

Just received notification it’s been fixed - hundreds of pounds of damage. 😥

Package your your stuff properly, folks.

Do people know you can host Mastodon at a different domain to the one used in your username?

I’ve seen a few where people have @username@mastodon.domain.com where @username@domain.com would be shorter and neater.

Went to see “Good Luck, Studio” on Friday evening. It was a delight. Highly recommend that you see it if you can.

From the people who make The Play That Goes Wrong.


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